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Chasing the ecstasy

Posted on | September 22, 2011 | No Comments

I like sitcoms. They are positive and conveniently-packed (20-minute episodes).

But I keep noticing the disturbing tendency.

Sitcoms are getting more and more “exaggerated”, more and more “grotesque”.

I had this weird feeling that the very thing that makes them funny (exaggerated characters and reactions), also makes them too simple, too superficial.

And recently I got a proof for that. It’s called “Dharma & Greg”.

It’s a sitcom by Chuck Lorre (known for Two And A Half Men, The Big Bang theory).

What amazed me was that I actually had to think and pay attention to catch the funny moment, a strange situation. I had to switch on my brain and my senses. And rather than an emotional spike, the series provoked more of a “mood”, a frame of mind… Dharma & Greg was airing in late 90’s early 2000’s, which is just a few years back, but it feels like it comes from a different era.

And it got me thinking… What if the sitcoms will continue to exaggerate everything they can? Every emotion. Every reaction of a character. What if we will keep our senses and thoughts shut down? Aren’t we going to stop thinking and stop feeling? One day we will be switching on the box, laughing only when we hear canned laughter and feel absolutely nothing.

Isn’t now not the time to stop chasing the extasy and start paying attention?

Maybe not…


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