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Deadly arousal

Posted on | September 25, 2011 | 1 Comment

Have you ever thought about why people have wars and why we keep developing new and new ways to kill each other?

Why we don’t kill each other with knives and sticks?

I can tell you why. If you see any kind of development, it means that there are money for it.

And if there are money, someone wants it to be done. Either a businessman (wants a new iPad developed and sold to millions) or a politician (wants to have a better rocket to kill enemies).

It’s actually fascinating that the very value, human life, the highest value of the West, actually makes us come up with more powerful and effective ways to take each others’ life. More lives you can take more “powerful” you are.

I bet a politician/president/”president”(in Africa)/king/General doesn’t ever get a stronger hard-on than from imagining his rockets/bombs/bullets killing other people, taking the most precious they have. “Here you go, puny, small people. Prepare to receive my bullets and explosions! I am the power!”

Have you noticed that the vast majority of projectiles have a bit penis-like form? I suspect, if they were round, square or a disc-like they wouldn’t be approved for financing.

“We don’t need a weapon that doesn’t look like a dick” would be the subconscious reasoning.

If we want to stop wars, we should spend more time educating our children how to be happy, how to have normal and fulfilling relationships and not to desire the “power” of “fucking” lives out of others with the penis-like bullets and rockets or his soldiers.


One Response to “Deadly arousal”

  1. Arkadaş Güzğan
    September 28th, 2011 @ 21:53

    That phallus comparison is funny never regarded it this way.
    But I guess one thing I disagree with; human life is supposed to be the object with the highest value, but I have certain doubts on that.
    If a group of people saw a person being injured and bleeding, of course they would call the ambulance. But not because of the high value of life but of their (un)guilty conscious, and cause there are other people present who would witness it if no one helped.
    But in this country there have been several cases of teenagers beating old persons to death, in the subway tunnels and nobody helped.

    And globally regarded are we living off the ressources of starving people from 3rd World Countries, that are exploited for our greed’s sake.

    So one should request what the real object of the highest value nowadays is…

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