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are you a monkey or a typewriter?


Just when I thought that the Internet has nothing more to shock me with… …creepy fake realistic women dolls. And fake men dolls. Damn! They should be cheap and readily available. It will serve as a great birth control measure. Global problem (overpopulation) solved!

Happiness is a scam

Today I was thinking about writing a book. And, of course, I was looking for a topic I know and that people would like to know more about. So, I came up with an overused but still quite spot-on (in terms of promising value) title “How to become happy”. So, the scientific area in my […]

Deadly arousal

Have you ever thought about why people have wars and why we keep developing new and new ways to kill each other? Why we don’t kill each other with knives and sticks? I can tell you why. If you see any kind of development, it means that there are money for it. And if there […]


I was reading a book by some American dude in which he talks to Dalai Lama about some psychological topics like happiness, intimacy etc… So, one of the ideas was that there is no single definition for intimacy. Is it mental (feeling of unity)? Is it physical (touch)? What makes a relationships intimate? I have […]

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    nirvana [nɪə'vɑːnə] - a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma. It represents the final goal of Buddhism