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Foreign language dialogues

I love them! I adore them! Every time I see a dialogue in a language I’m somewhat familiar with I like to speak for different people in funny voices and intonations. Some of my characters speak fast, some slow. Some are polite, some are not so much. Some are women, children, some are old men. […]


You know… There is one thing about Japanese language I have mixed feelings about. It’s the kanji. When in any other (almost any) language you can at least read what’s written because there are letters, in Japanese language you just see those hieroglyphs and… that’s it. Then everything depends on your knowledge, skill. Currently, I’m […]

Sleep, now!

I’ve been having problems with sleeping for quite some time now. Until recently I had many theories as to what caused it. Nose obstruction, my elevated bilirubin levels, anxiety etc. But it hasn’t occurred to me that I’m just too fucking lazy. Yesterday, I decided to listen to an audio-course on speed-reading. It’s not that […]

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